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Cos'è Jooble?

Jooble è un motore di ricerca che ti aiuterà a trovare il lavoro dei tuoi sogni.

Quando svolgi una ricerca come il risultato ricevi dei link con le offerte di lavoro dai più di 3595 siti dedicati al mondo del lavoro in Italia che sono più adatti ai tuoi parametri di ricerca.

Abbiamo creato Jooble per farti risparmiare tempo ed energia, così da farti trovare il lavoro che desideri al 100% tramite una sola ricerca. Per i più esigenti abbiamo creato una serie di strumenti come la ricerca avanzata con un grande numero di filtri. Certo che la prima ricerca del lavoro con Jooble ti può sembrare diversa dalla ricerca sui altri portali del lavoro. Comunque, se imparerai ad utilizzarlo correttamente, ti garantiamo che riuscirai a trovare il lavoro dei tuoi sogni. In caso se questo lavoro davvero esiste.

Il nostro team sta lavorando sempre per fare la tua ricerca più semplice possibile. Jooble sviluppa sempre i nuovi servizi per te. Comunque, se hai delle idee o suggerimenti su come migliorare Jooble - ti chiediamo di contattarci.

In ogni caso è meglio provare il nostro motore di ricerca, invece di leggere tutta questa teoria! Buona ricerca!

Core Values

Labor is one of the leading components of human life, it is a matter of self-actualisation, the pursuit of a complete identification and development of personal abilities, which are indispensable conditions for happiness. We believe that there is a suitable job for each individual that can complement his or her life with meaning and joy to be useful to society.

Our goal is to help any person find a job, regardless of his or her place of residence, language, religion, skin color or beliefs.

What we do to achieve this goal:

1. It is essential for us to be aware of all current jobs available, no matter what country they are advertised in or what job boards, corporate websites, social networks, and newspapers they are posted on.

2. We create simple and intuitive tools for people that help them find jobs that exactly match their skills, knowledge, place of residence or other relevant criteria.

3. We strive to provide any valuable information on the future workplace to our users, which help them to decide whether a job is suitable for them.

4. We eliminate technical obstacles (e.g., extra mouse clicks, technical complexity or unnecessary intermediaries) for candidates towards finding new jobs.

What we are guided by in achieving this goal:

1. We make decisions based on metrics and data analysis. To help us make the right choice, we care about the data purity. We are familiar with our sources of metrics and know exactly what they measure.

2. At the same time, we realize that the data and metrics are generated by people. Therefore, we do not blindly believe in all the figures that we collect, but instead, we use analytical and critical approach to examine the data, ready to identify and make efforts to correct any discrepancies.

3. We understand that the best way to make the right decision is to create an experiment. Our personal opinion rarely coincides with the opinion of millions of our users – we let our users decide which option or feature works best for them.

4. We respect our users. If the behavioral factors of our users differ from what we expected, that is not their fault, but ours as we did not understand their needs.

The way we work moving towards our goal:

1. We trust and respect people we work with; we are ready to listen to the opposite point of view and can put ourselves in the place of another person.

2. We independently take the initiative to work on new assignments; we do not wait a moment until someone tells us what to do. We individually search for new tasks to work on, assess their possible impact on the company, and start working on the most important one.

3. We invest all our energy and passion in our work; therefore we are continually searching the answer to the question: “What else can be done better?”

4. We are the main reason for what is happening to us. Therefore, we take responsibility for all our decisions and results.

How we treat money:

1. We cognize that we need a profit for the long-term realization of our mission. However, we keep in mind that the pursuit of immediate benefits can be devastating in the future.

2. We experiment with new sources of income, products, and are ready to invest in promising areas.

3. In our expenses, we are guided by the question: “What benefit will we get from a certain solution?” instead, “How much does it cost?”

4. We maintain accurate accounting records in a timely manner to ensure stability for employees, partners, and shareholders.

When we are in doubt about making the right choice, we are guided by the question: "Will this solution help someone find a suitable job?”.