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Lavoro Data analyst Foggia

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General Accountant

Spring Italy statements delivered by day 4 of each month ~Answers accounting and financial questions by researching and interpreting data. ~Maintain fixed asset records in the software, including preparing depreciation and addition/disposal journal entries, year-end rollforwards... 
2 mese fa

Selective procedure 1 post PO sc 13 / D1

Università degli Studi di Foggia

 ...The sector includes scientific and didactic-training activities in the research field of data analysis, design and carrying out investigations and experiments in the various application sectors, for descriptive, interpretative and decision-making purposes. Theoretical... 
8 giorni fa

Select 1 RTD 36 months art 24 co 3 a) 240/2010 tp sc 13 / D4 Mathematical methods economics and actuarial...

Università degli Studi di Foggia

 ...and didactic-educational research in the identification and development of mathematical methods and tools, including calculation and data processing techniques useful in the construction and analysis of models and problems relating to business management; economic and... 
16 giorni fa

Public selection n. 1 RTD, 36 months, art. 24, co. 3, l. a), Law 240/2010, full time, s.c. 13 / B1 "Business...

University of Foggia

 ...evaluations, auditing and business consultancy; Accounting, aimed at quantitative determinations and evaluation, analysis and use of data in decision-making and control processes, include: accounting and accounting accounts for the direction and history of accounting.... 
23 giorni fa