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Lavoro Beauty Ostuni (BR)

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I need beautiful group portrait of our family based on individual photos of me, my wife and our son. It should be done ASAP. Please paint me without beard. It should be digital painting (I mean done by some kind of Photoshop or similar).
6 giorni fa
 ...wait that long in between. So, I am hoping to work with someone else who can help me out in the meanwhile. she provided me with sketches and I approved before she added the color. They were all beautifully done. I paid her 15 per illustration and they were done in color.
4 giorni fa
 ...Soldiers and their Base Civilians were infected from the Mist so was the Gorilla ,Spiders and Pythons in the jungle Path Before the Beautiful Waterfall Leading to the Abandoned Military Compound Queen Boss Lita Took over Command over the Zombies.The Zombies are called... 
un mese fa

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