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Docplanner BCN

We want patients to find the perfect doctor and book an appointment in the most easy way. The patient journey should be enjoyable, and that's why we are always next to them: to help them find the best possible care. Anytime, anywhere.

We also help doctors to better manage their practice and build their online reputation. With our integrated end-to-end solution, doctors are able not only to improve their online presence, but also to devote their time to what really matters: their patients.

Our Values

Leave your comfort zone

  • There were a handful of us when we started. Now there are over 1000 of us on 4 continents. We learn and grow so the company can.

Focus on results not tasks

  • No one can tell you what to do because.. no one has ever done it yet. Every day is a new challenge. No matter if it’s an evolution or a revolution, you have all the power to start it.

Give feedback now, directly

  • We know very few mind readers. None actually. We don’t read the minds of our users. We A/B test. We don’t read the minds of each other. We ask for and give feedback.

Keep it simple

  • Right.

Do what you love <3

  • Alright, we work for the money. But once that is out of the way, why do you do what you do? We believe if you don’t see meaning in what you do, you should stop right now.

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